Ascomycota, genera » Ascomycota, incertae sedis


Asteroconium Syd. & P. Syd., Ann Mycol. 1(1): 36 (1903)


Index Fungorum: IF 7259


Ascomycota, genera incertae sedis


Parasitic on the host plant. Sexual morph: undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata acervular, subepidermal, solitary or confluent. Ostiole absent. Conidiomatal wall composed of thick-walled, pale brown to hyaline cells of textura angularis. Conidiophores reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, holoblastic, monoblastic or sympodial, cylindrical, integrated, indeterminate, flexuous, smooth-walled. Conidia hyaline, rounded or tapered, with short projections, truncated or uneven at the base, tapered and obtuse at the apex, very thick-walled with much reduced lumina, smooth-walled (Sutton 1980).


Type species: Asteroconium saccardoi Syd. & P. Syd., Ann Mycol. 1(1): 36 (1903)


Notes: Asteroconium is similar to Tribolospora, and the differences between these two genera see notes of Tribolospora. Sutton (1980) recognized two taxa, Asteroconium nothopegiae T.S. Ramakr. Et al. on Nothopegia dalzellii (Anacardiaceae) in India and A. saccardoi on leaves of Litsea glaucescens (Lauraceae) in Mexico. Chen et al. (1991) reported that A. saccardoi was associated with white vein disease on Cinnamomum glanduliferum (Lauraceae) in China. The sexual morph of Asteroconium is undetermined, and no molecular data is available.


Distribution: China, India, Japan, Mexico (Sutton 1980; Chen et al. 1991)


Asteroconium saccardoi (redrawn from Sutton 1980; Chen et al. 1991) a Conidia. b Vertical section of conidioma. c Conidiogenous cells and developing conidia.





Li WJ, McKenZie EHC, Liu JK, Bhat DJ, Dai DQ, Caporesi E, Tian Q, Maharachcikumbura SSN, Luo ZL, Shang QJ, Zhang JF, Tangthirasunun N, Karunarathna SC, Xu JC, Hyde KD (2020) Taxonomy and phylogeny of hyaline-spored coelomycetes. Fungal Diversity 100: pages279–801.





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