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Zelandiocoela ambigua

Zelandiocoela ambigua (Nag Raj & W.B. Kendr.) Nag Raj, Coelomycetous Anamorphs with Appendage-bearing Conidia: 991 (1993)

Apostrasseria ambigua Nag Raj & W.B. Kendr., Can. J. Bot. 61: 15 (1983)



Saprobic on leaves litter of Podocarpus hallii (Podocarpaceae). Sexual morph: undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata 150–200 µm diam., 80120 µm high, dark brown to black, stromatic, pycnidial, amphigenous, solitary to gregarious or confluent, initially immersed, eventually becoming erumpent, rounded or elongate, or sometimes concave in surface view, broadly conical in sectional view, unilocular, locule often irregularly divided and convoluted, glabrous, thick-walled. Ostiole absent, opening in a circular to oval channel in the apical wall. Conidiomatal wall 1025 µm wide, composed of thick-walled, pale brown cells of textura angularis in the outer layers, becoming hyaline cells towards conidial hymenium. Conidiophores formed from the innermost layers of conidiomata, hyaline, subcylindrical, swollen and septate at base, smooth-walled. Conidiogenous cells 410 × 24 μm, hyaline, enteroblastic, annelidic, cylindrical to lageniform, or dolliform, discrete or integrated, indeterminate, smooth-walled, with 1–2 percurrent proliferations. Conidia 912 × 411 μm ( = 10 × 5 μm, n = 30), hyaline, fusiform, apiculate at both ends, unicellular, thick- and smooth-walled, guttulate, with flame-shaped or funnel-shaped to irregular, mucoid appendages at both ends.


Material examined: New Zealand, Mt. Cook Nat. Park, Governor's Bush Track, on leaf litter of Podocarpus hallii (Podocarpaceae), 3 April 1980, W.B. Kendrick (DAOM 215326).






Li WJ, McKenZie EHC, Liu JK, Bhat DJ, Dai DQ, Caporesi E, Tian Q, Maharachcikumbura SSN, Luo ZL, Shang QJ, Zhang JF, Tangthirasunun N, Karunarathna SC, Xu JC, Hyde KD (2020) Taxonomy and phylogeny of hyaline-spored coelomycetes. Fungal Diversity 100: pages279–801.





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