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Kabatia Bubák, in Kabát & Bubák, Öst. bot. Z. 54: 28 (1904)

Dothideomycetes, genera incertae sedis  

Parasitic on the host plant in terrestrial habitat. Sexual morph: undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata dark brown, solitary, superficial, rounded in outline, subglobose in section view, unilocular. Ostiole absent, dehiscence by radial splitting between the hyphae of the upper wall from the centre to the periphery. Conidiomatal wall composed of thin-walled, hyaline, large cells of textura angularis in the basal part, thick-walled, dark brown cells converging towards the centre and remaining distinctly hyphal in the upper part. Conidiophores arising from the inner cell layer of the basal stroma, reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, holoblastic, doliiform to cylindrical, determinate, smooth-walled. Conidia hyaline, clavate, fusiform, cylindrical or falcate, truncate at the base, tapered towards apex, 0–2-septate near the apices, smooth-walled, rarely guttulate.


Type species: Kabatia latemarensis Bubák, in Kabát & Bubák, Öst. bot. Z. 54: 28 (1904)


Notes: Kabatia was revised by Conners (1959) and Sutton (1980), and ten species were accepted in the genus. These taxa are associated with leaf lesions of plants in Caprifoliaceae (e.g., Lonicera caerulea, L. canadensis, L. conjugialis, L. involucrata, L. oblongifolia, L. utahensis). Kabatia is characterized by unilocular conidiomata with radiating hyphal structure in the upper wall, and fusiform to falcate conidia with 0–2 septa near the apices (Sutton 1980). The sexual morph has been assigned to Guignardia Viala & Ravazby Reusser (1964) and Discosphaerina Höhn. by Sivanesan (1984). However, these connections have not been satisfactory demonstrated. Molecular studies are necessary to link its correct sexual morph.


Distribution: Armenia, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA (Sutton 1980).





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