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Stagonospora cylindrica

Stagonospora cylindrica (B. Sutton & Alcorn) W.J. Li & K.D. Hyde, comb. nov.

Neottiosporina cylindrica B. Sutton & Alcorn, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 84(3): 444 (1985)

Index Fungorum number: IF557177, Facesoffungi number: FoF 07600


Parasitic on leaves of Kyllinga brevifolia (Cyperaceae). Mycelium hyaline, septate, branched. Sexual morph: undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiomata dark brown to black, pycnidial, solitary to gregarious, immersed, subepidermal in origin, appearing as slightly elevated brown pustules with the ostioles visible in surface view, oval to ellipsoid in sectional view, unilocular, thick-walled, glabrous, ostiolate. Ostiole circular to oval, single. Conidiomata wall composed of thick-walled, brown to hyaline cells of textura angularis. Conidiophores reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells hyaline, ampulliform to broadly conical, smooth, arising from the base and part away up the side walls of the conidiomata. Conidia 13–20 × 4.46 µm ( = 17 × 5 µm; n = 30), hyaline, subcylindrical to clavate, with a rounded apex and a narrow, truncate base, straight or slightly curved, 1-septate, guttulate, smooth-walled, bearing a mucoid, apical appendage (adapted from Nag Raj 1993).


Material examined: Australia, Queensland, Mt. Tamborine, on leaves Kyllinga brevifolia (Rottb.) Endl. ex Hassk. (Cyperaceae), J.L. Alcorn, 13 March 1984 (IMI 285696, holotype).






Li WJ, McKenZie EHC, Liu JK, Bhat DJ, Dai DQ, Caporesi E, Tian Q, Maharachcikumbura SSN, Luo ZL, Shang QJ, Zhang JF, Tangthirasunun N, Karunarathna SC, Xu JC, Hyde KD (2020) Taxonomy and phylogeny of hyaline-spored coelomycetes. Fungal Diversity 100: pages279–801.




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