Pleosporales » Coniothyriaceae


Foliophoma Crous (2017)

Face of fungi number:  820903


Notes: The monotypic genus Foliophoma was introduced by Crous and Groenewald (2017) with Foliophoma fallens (Sacc.) Crous as the type species. The latter was obtained from culture. The genus is characterised by eustromatic conidiomata, uni- to multi-loculate with 1–3 ostioles and conidiogenous cells with periclinal thickening or percurrent proliferation at the apex (Crous and Groenewald 2017). We introduce a new species Foliophoma camporesii isolated from dead branch of Maclura pomifera in Italy.



Foliophoma camporesii D. Pem & K.D. Hyde (2020)



Hyde et al., 2020


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